Karina Kino x eVe – “I Lost You Inside Of Me”

Karina Kino x eVe – “I Lost You Inside Of Me”

From the mystical tale of lustful individuals, she knew that sometimes it is not enough to devour things with our eyes. We are hungry, greedy people. We want to eat too. We want to dream too.

She always dreamed of eVe. She thought: When you read her name. You read it. But don’t you want to hear her too? Is it wrong to want to touch her? Or, even, see her? Personify her?

eVe,” she said, laying in her bed in a slumber that slipped between imaginative dreams and conscious awareness. Her head was in a wild flow of thought, a pendulum of unrestricted interpretation. In the dead heat of summer, in a room filled with dense, humid air, she awoke and opened her bedroom door. Her name was Karina Kino. And as she peered forward, she could only see white.

She heard a voice call, from the depths of the white hallway. “I lost you inside of me,” it teased. She followed the echoes, taking a step outside. ”eVe?” she asked, overwhelmed by curiosity.

It was empty. A whiteness so bright and blinding. A loneliness so confronting. She turned, hoping to return to the comfort of her blanket. But at the same time grasping onto a dream, a thought that finally she would meet the most forbidden.

The hallway doors had disappeared, crumbled into puzzled foam-boards.

She sat waiting, waiting, waiting. Lost. Stuck. Confined. Yet, comforted by hope.

Every now and then she’d imagine eVe in the distance. And at each instance, she’d form a figure from the rubble. A mosaic of her imagination. Gradually the self-made figures transformed into faces. Masks. A monster, an animal, a woman, a man. This was the eVe she imagined. The eVe that comforted her when she felt most alone.

But, her sightings gradually declined. And as the whiteness of the hallway remained un-relentlessly bright, this was all that stayed behind.

Karina Kino sat in her white gown decorated with hearts and glitter and a mask that called her to dream, whispering the words, “I lost you inside me“.